Plastic napkin holder

In the world of marketing, the right promotional item can act as a powerful catalyst for brand engagement and recognition. Lavazza, a globally renowned coffee brand, showcased this perfectly with their strategic use of a plastic napkin holder at the Rapid Resto Show 2012. This article explores how such a simple item became a pivotal marketing tool, enhancing Lavazza’s visibility and connecting with the audience in a meaningful way.

Plastic Napkin Holder: Lavazza’s Strategic Promotional Tool


When it comes to elevating brand awareness and consumer interaction, a well-chosen promotional product can make all the difference. At the Rapid Resto Show 2012, Lavazza introduced a plastic napkin holder that proved to be an ingenious marketing tool, designed not just for practicality but also for maximum brand exposure.

plastic napkin holder
plastic napkin holder

The Role of Promotional Products

Defining Promotional Products

Promotional products are branded items distributed to promote a company, brand, or event, often at no cost to the recipient. These items are strategic tools used to increase brand awareness and loyalty, owing to their practical utility and frequent visibility.

Choosing a Plastic Napkin Holder

The Significance of the Right Product

The selection of a promotional item is crucial—it must be useful, appealing, and relevant. Lavazza’s plastic napkin holder met these criteria with its functionality and prominent logo placement, making it an excellent tool for brand promotion.

Design and Functionality

Characteristics of the Napkin Holder

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality plastic for durability.
  • Design: Features a contemporary look that aligns with modern aesthetics.
  • Function: Offers convenience by keeping napkins tidy and accessible.

Advantages of the Napkin Holder

  • Brand Exposure: Ensures consistent visibility of the Lavazza brand.
  • Utility Value: Adds real value for users, enhancing their experience.
  • Boosting Retention: Reminds customers of Lavazza with each use.

Marketing Effectiveness

Strategic Promotion

The choice to showcase the napkin holder at the Rapid Resto Show was a strategic one, targeting professionals and stakeholders in the restaurant industry, a key market for Lavazza.

Sustained Branding

Such promotional items serve as long-term marketing assets, continuing to promote the brand well beyond the event itself.

Engaging Customers

Interaction with the Product

Each interaction with the napkin holder serves as a subtle reminder of the brand, reinforcing loyalty and recognition.

Broadening Brand Reach

This strategy allowed Lavazza to not only promote their coffee but also to position the brand across broader dining experiences.


The use of a plastic napkin holder as a promotional tool at the Rapid Resto Show 2012 was a masterstroke by Lavazza, blending practical utility with effective marketing to enhance both brand visibility and customer engagement. Such tools are not merely promotional giveaways but strategic assets that continuously contribute to brand awareness.


  1. What makes promotional products effective for marketing? They provide ongoing brand exposure and foster loyalty by integrating into daily routines.
  2. How do products like the napkin holder aid in customer retention? By keeping the brand visually present, they enhance brand recall and encourage ongoing patronage.
  3. Why was the napkin holder ideal for the Rapid Resto Show? It was practical for the venue, appealing to the industry professionals present, and effective for brand promotion.
  4. Do promotional items influence consumer buying behavior? Absolutely, they play a critical role in shaping perceptions and decisions through continuous brand engagement.
  5. What should companies consider when choosing a promotional product? They should evaluate the product’s relevance to the brand, its practical utility, and its potential for public visibility.

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