6 essential and functional office supplies with logo

6 essential and functional office supplies with logo


What is an office without office supplies with a logo? Office supplies printed with your own logo give a professional look. In addition, they can also be used as promotional gifts and ensure brand awareness. For example, if you take the items to an external meeting or give them away as a promotional item at a trade fair.

Which office supplies can you print with your own logo? We have listed 6 functional and essential office items with your logo for you.

1. Stickers rolls

It may not be very obvious, but sticker rolls (translation in Dutch: stickers op rol) are very functional in the office. First of all, it’s handy that the stickers are on a roll, so you don’t have a pile of loose stickers. In addition, they are ideal to use for closing packages or shipping boxes. By putting your logo on your packages, the customer will immediately recognize your package. Logo stickers can actually be placed anywhere, for example on your laptop or on a door.

2. Notebook with logo

Need to write a quick note or make a to-do list for the day? Of course, you do that in a notepad with logo (translation in Dutch: notitieblok met logo). A more luxurious alternative to a notepad is a notebook with a hard cover. You can also have your logo engraved on this instead of printing it.

3. Pens

Pens with a logo are, of course, indispensable in the office. The most important thing is that they write well. And because there is so much choice, you can make it as luxurious as you want. You can also get very inexpensive pens with a logo. A cheap and practical business gift!

4. Envelopes

You can also add your own logo to envelopes. In addition to plain envelopes, you can also opt for sturdy cardboard envelopes or envelopes with bubble wrap. Don’t forget to order matching letterheads.

5. Post-its

How fun is it to also make post-its in your own corporate design? You can have post-its cut into any shape you want. Then you have something different than a boring yellow block. It is sure to attract attention!

6. Tape

Away with that boring transparent tape! You can, of course, also get this printed with your own logo. Besides transparent tape with your logo, you can also choose from various tape colors. This is also a cheap alternative to printed shipping boxes.

Which office supplies with a logo are you already using in your office?

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