4 Promotional Products Your Business Needs

Promotional Products Your Business Needs


From creating gifts for your employees, suppliers, or customers to giving away marketing products at trade events, there are several reasons why a business might want to invest in promotional products. Promotional products help spread brand awareness and, because everyone likes to receive a gift, they also leave the recipient with a positive impression of your company. However, the key to success is to invest in products that are popular and useful to the recipient, but with so many options to choose from, this is easier said than done. Here are examples of 4 promotional products that are always popular and have succeeded in strengthening countless brand identities.

1. Branded t-shirts

A branded t-shirt is one of the most well-known promotional products, and for a good reason. We can never have too many t-shirts, as even those we do not want to wear as a fashion statement are useful when lazing around the house, working out at the gym, or running errands. Of course, if you want to maximize your brand exposure further than the individual recipient, it makes sense to design a t-shirt that is attractive, cool, and/or funny as this will increase the chances that it will be worn in public.

Branded t-shirts are also great for your employees as they can help to establish a sense of belonging to the brand and team identity. Giving t-shirts away at an event is also effective as some people might put them on over their clothes, turning them into walking advertisements for your company.


2. Branded water bottles

Branded water bottles (that are reusable) are great items to give away at events as, even if people have never heard of your company, they want to be able to stay hydrated while walking around the event and chatting to so many people. Reusable water bottles are ideal because they also show that your company considers its marketing environment. Plus, after the event, the water bottle can be used time and again at home, work, the gym, and when out and about, ensuring your brand gets out and about too.

3. Branded sports equipment

A clever way to ensure your promotional products are used out in the open where they are more likely to be noticed is to brand sporting equipment, e.g., gym bags, towels, and workout clothing, gloves, and hats to tennis or golf balls. Sporting products also make great prizes if you are running a competition or rewarding employees. If your employees are taking part in a sponsored challenge such as a marathon, they could wear branded workout clothing to fly the flag for your company as they run.

4. Branded chargers

Nearly everyone carries their cellphone, tablet, and/or laptop with them when they travel, and this is true of businesspeople who are attending a trade event or conference. After hours of making calls, taking photos, and sending emails, they may be in need of more power, and a mobile device charger provides the perfect solution. If your company can provide the lifeline with a branded charger, your brand will be remembered in a positive light, and the charger will probably become part of their essential business kit.

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