30 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Employees You Can Consider

30 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Employees You Can Consider

It’s that time of the year again when you get cosy in your bed and the vacation season starts. As chilly as it gets outside, the festive season of Christmas closes upon us. The festival of enjoying fine delicacies and exchanging gifts with our close ones expressing our love and gratitude.

The joy of celebrating Christmas is not only limited to our families at home. But we also share the same joy with everyone at our respective workplaces as well.

And if you own a business or are responsible for managing a great workforce, then Christmas Eve marks the perfect time to appreciate your colleagues and employees for all they have done for you throughout the year.

However, buying gifts is a tough job, especially when you are buying Christmas gifts for employees. Here, you have to make sure you hang up on the perfect employee gifts that will not burn your pockets.

So, to help you select the best holiday gift for your employees I present to you some awesome Christmas gift ideas which would surely appease your employees and cheer them this festive season.

The 30 Best Christmas Gifts for Employees

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards have always been the top choice of every corporate gifting solution. It is the most flexible gift that an employer can give his or her employees. Also, the best thing about giving gift cards to your employees as a Christmas gift is that your employees have the choice of how they would like to use it. So here the only thing that you need to do is get some very good gift cards and distribute it among your employees.

See how Vantage Circle can help you with all your employee gift card requirements.

2. A Christmas Gift Hamper

Raising the bar here, if you want to make your employees happy this Christmas then consider giving them a gift basket filled with a variety of festive gifts. The main advantage of giving such gift baskets is that you can pick multiple gift items and then curate them into a single hamper. Some items which you can include in such a gift hamper would be chocolates, good quality coffee, marshmallows, etc.

3. Books

Books are a uniquely portable magic. ―Stephen King


Reading books can deliver you a whole new experience. It not only broadens your perspective but also helps you improve your vocabulary skills. So, this Christmas why not plan on giving a book to your employees and help them to fill up their bookshelf.

4. Personalised Coffee Mugs

Out of all the accessories that you’ll find on an employees’ desk, the most dearest one would be their coffee mug. Therefore, you can plan on gifting each of your employees with a personalized coffee mug with their names written on it or printing something that they like very much on the cup.

5. Family Board Games

The one thing that makes the holiday season special for every professional is because they are able to spend some quality time with their dear ones. So, for making such moments even more joyful you can gift them some board games like monopoly, chess, crossword puzzle, chinese checkers etc.

6. Noise Cancelling Earphones

Unwanted noise can really make it difficult for your employees to concentrate on their work, especially when you have an open office. Therefore, getting your employees good quality earphones would be a very welcoming thing. Hence, you can also consider adding this item to your list of Christmas gifts for employees.

7. A Chocolate Gift Box


Christmas celebrations are incomplete without chocolates and so are Christmas gifts. Though gifting chocolates could be a common scene during Christmas, yet it still remains one of the most popular gift items. Therefore, you can consider giving your employees a nice chocolate gift box as a part of your employee gifting efforts.

8. Personalised Notebooks

Notebooks are one of the most essential office supplies. Adding to this fact, personalised notebooks are another great way of giving your employees a sense of belonging. Hence, if you want to gift your employees this Christmas effectively within a minimal budget then it’s another great gift idea.

9. Comfortable Cushions

Sitting up straight on a chair for hours and working is not at all easy. And the heat of this issue is often faced by employees in the form of backaches and other muscle-related problems. So, to help your employees mitigate this problem you can gift your employees’ cute cushions which they can use for more comfort while sitting continuously.

10. Bonsai Tree


The green colour represents tranquillity, good luck and health. Green colour also has a calming effect on our brain and it is everywhere around us in the form of nature.

Now, if you are thinking about what to give your employees that would promote both nature and the colour, then the simple answer would be a bonsai tree. A bonsai tree is a miniaturised plant that one can easily keep on his or her desk. It would not only make the employees’ desks look better but would also elevate their mood at work by cleansing the environment around.

11. Personal Fitness Equipments

If your employees are really health conscious then you can provide them with some personal fitness equipments. This may include things like resistance band, power twister arm, yoga mats, jump rope etc. which can help your employees workout within their home only.

12. Digital Photo Frames

A picture speaks a thousand words. They carry the emotions of the person associated and preserve them for a lifetime. And to amplify this joy you can give your employees a digital photo frame which would be a really good Christmas gifting idea.

13. Baking Classes


Christmas celebrations are really incomplete without a nice cake. But baking a perfect cake is really an art that takes both practice and patience. That’s why this Christmas you can plan on organising baking classes for your employees which would be a perfect Christmas gift which I’m sure your employees will enjoy.

14. Neck Pillow

Ensuring that your employees feel comfortable while working is one of the top priorities of employers. Also, if your employees are required to travel for work on a frequent basis then you can consider gifting them a neck pillow this Christmas.

15. Movie Tickets

Watching a good movie with your loved ones’ is a very pleasant experience. And what could be better than gifting this experience to your employees by sponsoring their movie tickets, isn’t it?

All you need to do here is make an announcement about this special gift and get the tickets on behalf of your employees based on their preference.

16. A Hamper of Great Coffee


Sipping a great cup of coffee will surely help your employees kick start their day filled with enthusiasm. Though they would often enjoy the normal coffee purchased from a grocery store. So this Christmas you can cheer your employees who love coffee with a hamper of high-quality coffee beans.

17. Pen Holders

Losing pens should be declared a natural human tendency. Like how often do you misplace your pen and later have to get a new one or borrow from it from your colleagues? Guess the answer which most of us would agree on would be “Most Often”. Therefore, to save your employees from this dilemma you can also gift them, pen holders, this Christmas.

18. Personalised Desk Accessory

Customised desk accessories can be really good add on to your list of Christmas gifts for employees. Doing this will surely help your employees to stay engaged and motivated by implying the sense of belonging to the workplace.

19. Get an Office Punching Bag

Getting engaged in workouts is really important for keeping up your health. Especially those exercises that benefit your cardio and increase your stamina. And one of the best exercises to do both at the same time would be punching out. Also, you can’t deny how stressful situations can arise while working and a punching bag would be a great stress reliever.

20. Aromatic Candles


A nice fragrance around can change the ambience of your surroundings. Also, since it’s Christmas everyone will light up their houses. Thus, gifting your employees a set of aromatic candles will do both at the same time adding to the charm of their home.

21. A Bottle of Wine

If you have an upscale budget for getting Christmas gifts for employees then gifting them a nice bottle of wine is second to none. You can also include it as an add-on in your Christmas gift basket you’ll be giving to your employees. But before gifting this always do check out about the employees who love wine and who is a teetotaler.

22. Cellphone Holders

Constantly having to get out of the cell phone from the desk drawer can be a cumbersome affair. So, a cell phone holder is another great gift idea that will help your employees keep their phones in a better accessible position.

23. Set of Wine Glasses


The taste of a good wine amplifies with a nice looking wine glass. And since it’s Christmas everyone will surely like to take sip of their favourite elixir. So, as an employer, you can also opt for gifting your employees a nice set of wine glasses to elevate their experience of tasting good wine with their close ones.

24. Power Banks

Running out of juice in your smartphone between an important call or some other work is really undesirable. And obviously, as a caring employer, you would never want your employees to face the same. Therefore, a portable power bank would be a good option to include in your list of Christmas gifts for employees.

25. Extended Vacation

Who doesn’t like an extra one or two days off from work?

Well, even you can’t deny how happy your employees would be if you give them some more extra time to enjoy their holidays as a token of appreciation. Giving them these extra time off would not only amplify their festive joy but would project you as a responsible employer caring for his or her employees.

Christmas Gifts for Employees Working from Home

Under the current circumstances where everyone is either working remotely or from their home, passing Christmas gifts to them could be a big challenge. However, still there are many options that you can try out and moreover, you can also partner with any logistic service provider to deliver tangible gifts right to your employees doorstep.

Let’s get started with some christmas gifts for your remote employees.

26. Point-Based Employee Rewards


A point-based employee reward system is the easiest and cost-effective way of gifting your employees. This method can be easily implemented by using our employee rewards and recognition platform, where you can allocate points to each of your employees. Your employees can then redeem these points for availing goods and services across various categories like -lifestyle, travel, etc.

Further, you can use the same platform to constantly recognise your employees for their efforts and keep them motivated. Moreover, such reward systems can be implemented within a short notice so you can always go for one.

Sign Up for a Free Demo of the Vantage Rewards Platform

27. Work from Home Essentials

With the pandemic situation forcing everyone to stay indoors working from home became the new normal for many around the world. However, the sudden shift to work from home also had negative effects on the employees morale since most of them were ill prepared.

However, this Christmas you have the perfect opportunity to cheer them with work from home essentials as their holiday gift. Here, you can include various items like desk accessories, laptop stand, file organizer, customized diary with your company logo etc.

28. Access to an Exclusive Employee Wellness Platform

Corporate wellness apps like Vantage Fit have become a hot topic for employers who want to keep their employees fit and active amidst these hard times. These apps help you to run customized workplace wellness programs and track various aspects of it in real-time. Since these apps operate on cloud-tech, you can be sure that every employee with a smartphone can access your wellness program irrespective of their location.

Moreover, you can also incentivize your employees on successful completion of health challenges with redeemable points over the same platform.

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29. OTT Subscription


One of the best gifts you can give your employees this Christmas would be a free subscription of any Over-the-head or OTT platform like NetFlix, Amazon Fire Tv, HBOMax etc.

Gifting your employees a free subscription for any of these platforms will be pure bliss and enough to cheer up their holidays. Here, you can also opt for other subscriptions like paid courses, magazines, etc. which will further help your employees learn new things and grow professionally.

30. Food Coupons

Another best way to help your employees celebrate Christmas amidst the pandemic is through food coupons which they can use while ordering from any restaurant. This method of gifting is very cost-effective and adds flexibility to your employee gifting scheme.

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